What does love mean?

We often think of love as a feeling, an emotion deep inside. Indeed we do feel when we love. However there is something much more to this ‘feeling’. The possibility to love begins with an awareness of oneself as a ‘sovereign’, authentic; individual, independent being. The person that you are has many aspects and dimensions, this I sense is one of them and resides deeply within one’s heart. The feeling of I and love, creates a special energy, which some call syntropy, meaning the voice of ‘Life’ which is more than just being alive!

When this I sense reaches out into the world of others there can be experienced an ‘synergy’ or energy of connection which creates an effect, an energy that is greater than your individual energies combined. This synergy has many qualities all of which reflect an understanding that is had of yourself and in relationship with the other. The other can be a person, or an animal even with a plant. The common denominator that all life shares is the quality of energic connection, a real bond.

What is important and unique about the human ability and potential for love is that it only takes ONE to love. To understand. To experience the connection. However, it is important that we understand that the experience of love is internal and does not have to manifest outward except as it is appropriate and conditional upon the time, and circumstances and individual being, the other. This is why real love is described only as that which is conscious, filled with awareness and deliberateness. In relationship with other human beings, several qualities serve to describe the nature of that love. It begins with a deep and mutual respect. Then shared values and principles of living are also an important part of the nature of that love. Empathy and calm directed communication describe another important aspect along with the commitment to work on and develop/evolve within oneself toward a better and better being. The chemistry that exists need have many dimensions to it, such as physical, emotional, intellectual and even spiritual chemistry. These several aspects of a loving human relationship begin with the awareness of one’s own integral and independent self or being.

Therefore, to love, and experience the inner reality of love is only a conscious act and that action defines an inner space which I call love. Holding awareness of this space is a wonderful experience and an expression of what is love.

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