What are you fearful of?

There are many ways to observe fear and many fears to observe. What are yours? The way(s) you observe and experience fear is most important. It is even more important than the fears you observe. The best way, I have found, is to observe fear from as neutral perspective as possible. And to observe from the most encompassing or broadest perspective possible. Imagine and visualize that. Now.

Now, Imagine and visualize a time and space without fear. There is no such thing as getting rid of all fear. We can only, at best neutrally observe it, and minimize its energy and effect by taking its energy through this neutrality process and through the broad perspective you are able to hold. It is Good to hold this broad or encompassing Perspective not just in these moments of observation but throughout your waking existence, especially throughout your day to day experiences. Indolence is fear and fear is indolence.

These perspectives and this neutral observer are incredibly important in order to have more peace and Meaning in your life. I invite you to think about and practice this, Now.

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