Weeding the Garden

Is it ever possible to have a garden that never has weeds?! No!

So the question is how will you care for your ‘garden’? Your life? We will always have challenges in life.

The difference between people is this:

There are those who diligently watch for the challenges prepare as best they and consciously deal with the challenges to create the best possible result. Then there are those people who look at the weeds, if they chose to do so, and say, not now, or they are not that bad, and then ignore challenges which initially are opportunities until they become serious life problems. There are also those people who are in between these two ways of being, or who begrudgingly get the weeds that are most visible and ignore the rest until they are overwhelming. This latter position is the least productive way to be.

Each and every day we have a choice, but the only choice is the deliberate and conscious one as the other actions are reactions and are automatic and the default mode.

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