The Weight of Nonaction

Every once in a while, even every day ask yourself: What, or Who do I serve? Where and how do I spend my life’s energy each day and each part of the day??? Is this what you chose to do and be?? Is there a focus beyond comfort or simply survival?? You have this life as a GIFT…what are you wanting and willing to do and be to first accept and then to appreciate that GIFT?? Every single day that you are alive you are exchanging a day of your life for that which you serve or give energy to.

In the teachings of the Vedas there is described three universal forces, tamas, rajas and sattva. Each has a meaning and significance in the life of all living beings. We are four part beings, mind, body, emotion and spirit. Each has a focus and center that we can be aware of and understand. We can also, in that understanding, change what does not Serve our deeper needs. Yes, we all must focus on survival or there is nothing else to talk about. However, is that all that you believe your life is about? And NOW?!!!

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