The vitality of the invisible

The idea of vitality does not fit with the invisible. Or does it? That, which is, I am, is permanent, does not begin nor end in existence. This is still and always Present as a vibration. We confuse existence with motion, movement and that which moves. That which exists to these 5 senses always has a beginning or is created and always has an end, after moving or acting. The Invisible however, always is…present, and aware.

Why should I/we care about such ‘things’? They have no obvious ‘use’. Or do they! IF, anyone reading this, can Feel any energy, beneath the surface of any sensation, that is, any thought, emotion or physical feeling, even know or just sense something under the surface it means you have the possibility of accessing the power and calm of the invisible vibration in all That infinite power. Is this a good reason to consider?I think so!

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