The art of being with 'reality'

Being with reality is art because it is about practice, experience and building an understanding. The beauty lies in the depth of commitment you bring to your ‘art’. Reality begins within and its power and meaning live there in everything you do. If we do not work to understand our-selves and our Self what can life really provide? The first stage of commitment is to the practice of this journey and your passage through time. If our practice is honest, authentic and consistent we can experience this practice as an art. This is the art of Knowing yourself and the reality of your inner and outer life.

In addition, when we utilize our self understanding and authentically and honestly listen and use objective reasoning to understand ourselves and the other then you may experience the miraculous! and for everyone around you. Authenticity with others means giving forethought and full consideration of how you relate to the other, that is, how and what you say. When this is done, another dimension of meaning opens up, as 'the art of being with reality' within yourself and the other, appears. Our experience of this will evolve as we continue our practice Enjoy the journey!!

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