Security & Protection

How can we be safe in such troubled times?

A simple question but the answer requires a bit of detail. Security and protection involve physical, emotional and intellectual and spiritual aspects. Physically we need a consistent healthy environment as well as a healthy lifestyle, inner environment in order to secure our well being.

A lifestyle that is simply an expression of basic needs in a natural setting serves us best to provide security in a real sense. Security and protection emotionally initially involve engaging a neutral witness providing an awareness of our emotional states and patterns so that we are not blindsided or unconsciously identified with those emotions or habits that actually compromise our security, protection and wellbeing.

The security of our mind and spirit is that Peace which is accessible to all of us. This Peace is a sacred space inside our mind and heart. This space is our unique connection to a Universal Vibration or Presence.

Each of us, in our own unique way, can have security and protection when we allow and apply these simple steps. Please try it today.

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