Remembering the Silence

What is the Silence worth Remembering? Is there such a reality as timeless space? Can we really ever be free of the imagined and real limitations of time? Have YOU ever considered such questions or are you too busy being caught up in time and the confines of your space? THINK just for a moment about these questions. We as humans have two kinds of awareness. That which is in a limited body, time and space and that which is not. There is an awareness in YOU that is actually Free! Information that is presented on line or elsewhere selling something or someone receives the most attention. This is because the lead awareness in us is usually the one limited by time and space and the concerns embedded in that existence. The knowledge offered here is not for that awareness but rather for the deeper and more lasting and real awareness that comes from an Invisible source.

Where, how can we access This Source? First you must be motivated to do so and more importantly Value that Source. The first step or way to do that is to reflect upon Silence. This is the Silence that is embedded in stillness. Still the body just for a moment then if you can from that stillness try to still the mind and observe its passing thoughts and feelings without climbing aboard any of it. Once you have that experience you CAN begin that journey of Remembering the Silence. Develop a sense and space for that Silence inside and go there as often and as deeply as you can. This may be the most valuable experience you have.

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