Prayer is right request

There are so many ways we pray. However, all prayers seem to have the same underlying qualities. There is always an element of Faith and a surrender in action accompanying that. The fulfillment of the Good or a Good/Virtuous request is the direction or target. There are many challenges that have created the ‘need’ for Prayers and there will be along the way. Timing and patience in your actions will be most significant.

Of course each of us in our own Prayers and actions or practice are unique. The beauty and power of Prayer lies here. One example, is in the context of Love. Love for Goodness and those whose presence we cherish will light the path for our continued surrender. In an intimate relationship there is a desire and need to share this intention with the partner in the quiet and simple and often profound considerations in the day to day life. This is but one example of right request and prayers.

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