Making a salad

The first thing I do before making the salad is to remember the intention of doing so. My intention is LOVE. I want to make it a healing and natural experience for the person receiving this salad.

Then I collect all the ingredients, carefully. All organic and all fresh. Then I consider the proper proportion of each ingredient and exactly how it needs to be sliced up for the optimal experience. Peppers, sweet onions, cucumbers, carrots, beets, lettuce, and celery. All organic and in bite size pieces, with love!

The experience of making a salad is much bigger than the 15 minutes I spend on it. As I engage, I focus on the recipient of this gift and the positive effects it has had and will have. The magic salad I call it, and you know what each and every act from love can have the same effect; energizing and heart opening! Making a salad, or anything, literally and virtually anything you do with the intention of consciously and deliberately loving the individual,understanding their needs, whether it be a person, pet or even a plant bush or tree REALLY MATTERS.

Especially to the impact it has on you.

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