Love in the Geopolitical Reality of Your World

Yes, love is a dimension of experience that can manifest in the geopolitical world that you exist in locally and also globally. It begins with the willingness to hold certain values and truths as vital in order to be called human. These truths are defined in various contexts, such as the ten commandments, or the universal principles expressed in the Vedic texts or in the Koran or Essene Gospels and Torah. To exist as human necessitates the need for a willful commitment to manifest those values and principles in daily life and to support, promote and defend those truth in the context of your daily life both with others and with those who claim to represent you as a citizen in a community, state and nation.

Love in the realm of day to day living has many aspects, as we said with others, with animals under your care or not under your care and with the living breathing environment and those occupying it.

Much awareness is needed to be loving, but the journey and process always begins with a single thought and then action.

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