As a peace psychologist and licensed clinical professional I travel to conference with other professionals, and I do so pro bono. Lecturing about peace building and sustainability is very exciting for me. Many of my experiences have led me to attend to the ways and means variety of populations live and relate to their environment and the innocent beings and creatures that share the various environments and cultures.

The chipmunks, squirrels, deer, raccoons, dogs, cats and even bears that live in various areas have a very special energy that triggers a feeling of love. At times, the feeling of connection I experience with these beings will bring me to tears. This sense of connection has precipitated in me a need to pursue a vegetarian and even vegan diet. Motivated by this compassionate connection I find the issues surrounding sustainability expand exponentially and also gave me the energy to pursue the powers that be. In any and every geographic area I find myself, whether living or visiting, I invite consideration of greater efforts toward recycling and resource conservation. I always find that politicians and corporate heads appear to be very receptive. I consider the effort to do this a Blessing. The audiences I share with are always responsive to my sincerity and intention. Time has revealed that the message shared was not always carried forth by the recipients into a committed effort, but I believe that the time and space in the moment had an energy of its own that matters.

Whenever I venture forth, what I take with me is the Blessing that uplifts my Spirit and my Work and supports the sincere intention to share the love that exists in showing respect and care for all beings and creatures encountered. The promotion of the message of conservation of the limitation of the precious resources of our planet forces us to consider life on more and more subtle levels. Focusing on this intention and making effort to act accordingly is a Blessing. The survival of our humanity is depends on this. Our lives and the lives of our children and children’s children cannot survive without this. It is a wonderful Blessing to realize that we have some control over the future destiny of our world.

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