Each time when I go shopping I notice whether the shopping carts in the collection area are lined up for transfer back to the store. If they are not I always work to order them. The workers who come out from the supermarket are typically elderly and infirm. This simple act and many like this one are considerate of the Universal need for order through compassion.

It is a simple act, but it reverberates whether we see the reverberation effect or not. When I see a homeless veteran barely able to stand with a sign asking for help I always stop and give all of my change or dollar bills to him. Sometimes that vet has a dog with him and I give something extra as well.

Simple acts of mercy are part of being a Universal Justice Warrior…taking a stand for Goodness and Order in the Universe. Yes I believe these simple acts do make a difference.

In my day to day routine, as I serve as a health care person/provider, I give all I can in my knowledge and experience and intuition to serve for their greatest good in any way I know how. Every single day. In the Reiki circles in which I participate as a member I share Universal Healing Energy and Light to all that seek it. Every single day. There are no days off because Life and Goodness has no time and space confines nor limits. What I receive from this is a simple but deep feeling of peace and joy that words cannot every express adequately.

The nature of the material world and the universe is entropy, in physics this means simply the mechanical unfolding in time of that which is without clear conscious connection to the Universal Order and Being. Some call this the karmic flow in time, the automatic unfolding of physical existence. Giving of your energy and time in this way allows you to step out of time and the automatic unfolding of material existence and allows you, me us the ability to connect to That which is beyond time and space…it is limitless.

Here is where Joy and Peace exist.

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