A life worth living: Building a stairway to peace

We all live in an emotional state, of some form or other. When we do not see that it is because we are repressing the reality of that. However, that is okay as long as we see it and See that we are so much more than that. So, how can that occur? Only by seeing then acting from principle and purpose.

There are four principles that are useful and can give any life meaning. First, KNOW YOUR STORY. Who are you and where did you come from and where are you going???? It is good to ask these questions everyday. Second, HAVE A VOICE, to move forward toward the fulfillment of your self determined purpose and do not become subjected to the agendas of others. Third, ACT MEANINGFULLY in relation to your purpose every single day. It does not matter how it manifests and actually it can manifest in any number of ways, big and small!! Fourth, MAKE A DIFFERENCE however you can in your life and in the world toward the well being of yourself and those around you and the world. It is the quality not the quantity of your actions that matter. They need not be seen nor recognized by others as long as they are according to rational principles and toward the fulfillment of that which you have determined to be your path.

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