Time appears as a somewhat ‘silly’ idea, topic to talk about and share. In reality, the existence of time, as well as space, and circumstance, and survival are LAWS OF NATURE. Our lives are but a blip in the Universal schema but our minds, our hearts and spirit are direct path into eternity. A lot said in a few words. Lets take a closer look. What is a law of nature? It is those principles and ideas that are Universally present in and for all life forms regardless of location, or even planet. Time is a measurement quantity but if you consider it i its entirety it is infinite yet not the same as space. Space is measurable only in its material form. BUT it also contains the many dimensions of existence beyond the visible world and within the invisible world where time does not and cannot exist. Like sound there are infinite and omnipresent energies and vibrations that pervade any and all circumstances so why not choose the most peaceful and pervasive? You are in control of YOUR destiny by virtue of your inner focus and states. The more and better you concentrate and the more consistently you do this the greater the chances of a longer and better life. Peacefully! No life will ever reflect perfection or peace all the time. BUT the more you concentrate and practice thinking about what is written here the more peace and joy you will have.

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