Is Peace Possible?

Many ancient spiritual and religious texts have defined peace as that which one experiences in Silence. How can we access Silence?

What is the Way? The way is a process or rather a journey. All that is needed is a value for and commitment to this Way. It begins with stillness. First try and still the movements of your body. Sit or lie down preferably with your spine straight if you can. Breathe…in…out…easily and deeply as best you can.

Feel the breath as the only movement of your body. Once this is experienced still all other motions. Then you can allow yourself to be aware of the thoughts and feelings going on inside. Allow them to be without engaging them…just observe them as neutrally as you can. When you feel ready for this and begin the process you can INVITE stillness of the activity of these thoughts and feelings.

Quiet the mind and calm the heart. In and out, over and over…you are on The Way to Silence. Listen quietly for this.

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