This word holds so much meaning it would be appropriate to create a lexicon for this word alone. It is a WOW word. In the entire history of humankind this IDEA has marked the most significant impact than any other IDEA. WHY? We as humans, and as any other living being, have lives that are limited in time. Mortality is not a reality any thinking being can avoid. THEREFORE, the need to embrace the IDEA of Freedom is vital to our existence beyond the limited experience of just surviving. This consideration, is only an inner psychological process. Nothing in the material world can replace it! Therefore, we ask: "how can I, as a limited physical being, experience FREEDOM” that does exist in my other and higher dimensional aspects, which include my emotional, intellectual and spiritual nature. The intention: "I want to embrace and encompass my life with more meaning and freedom.” Freedom may be considered the only IDEA that has NO limits. However, that said, it needs to be engaged at first, in the mind. This process also begins with asking ourselves: what in my life would I like to FREE my Self from? Think about this. Thinking this way literally will create a dual awareness of those, hopefully all, limitations that have limited our experience of freedom throughout our lives. This dual awareness FREES us from them the more we take that energy and put it into this Awareness and Intention. Our intention: I AM NOT THOSE LIMITATIONS. The other vital aspect of FREEDOM is to engage the inner process, thinking, of what qualities and experiences FREEDOM would mean to you! Begin with those qualities that are within!!! This is the other dimension of the practice of Engaging Freedom. This is through the dual awareness process introduced above. NOW, we begin the process of Visualizing, Imagining WHAT exactly would that FREEDOM look, feel and think like?!! If you dare to engage these two or even one practice let me know how you are doing….

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