Faith: Persistence and Determination

What is faith? It is the visible and invisible energy that drives our Being into peace. It is more than belief. It is more than a ‘feeling’. It is when you are being challenged in whatever life circumstance you find yourself in and when you find the energy to focus and meet the challenges with reason, logic, ethics and vision to see a path of transformation. Transformation is the key. “I know to every problem and challenge there is a WAY. An ancient proverb: “when you look for the light at the end of the tunnel you begin to realize that YOU are the Light IN the tunnel. Your thoughts, commitment, and reason and INTUITION are the light that is shimmering in the perceived darkness of the challenge. Take a deep breath…consciously. Take in the light, peace and find the insight that says: yes let me engage this now. NOW, is the time, always, to go inside and find the shimmering light of intuition. Persist, as patiently and deliberately as you can. You are given this life to Be The Light in the tunnel.

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