Actions Have Consequences

What we understand as “action” has many hidden dimensions. Action is not only a physical event but is also a thought and emotional event! What you feel and what you think has a consequence. Even though it ‘appears’ to be invisible, it is not. Every thought, feeling and act has an energy. Every energy has a charge (positive or negative) and a quantitative aspect. Think about this for a moment. Right now you can create a positive energy with your intention and thought. Consequences, visible and invisible, are inevitable and accompany each and every thought, feeling and action. As an exercise, consider the last time you felt peaceful and had really peaceful thoughts. How did that impact your behavior and what were the consequences of these three energies, i.e., thought, feeling, and action? If you found this to be a positive and rewarding experience you can REMEMBER the source of it in body, mind and emotion. Each center, body, mind and emotion has its own unique quality, energy and impact on your being and in your life. Each one has a contribution to make in providing more peace for you and when you remember the details of this you can replicate it and that can reverberate into each day,and each week and for the rest of your life.

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