What is Meaning and Purpose?

There are five laws of nature that determine how we respond to life. They are time, space, circumstance, necessity, and survival. These laws operate in the midst of nine universal principles(Gratitude, Joy, Presence, Faith, Love Truth, Reason, Logic and Ethics) that form the basis of all real spiritual and religious practices. These practices with respect to the laws of nature are what make humans really human. Sometimes this is called our ‘dharma’ or ‘calling’ in life.

Dharma or calling is never just a ‘job’ or occupation. It is not a feeling nor any period of time. This dharma or calling is your purpose and meaning of existence which is made manifest in all of your centers (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) each and every day and ultimately within each breath. Take some time each day to think about these ideas as they will help you focus and gain strength each and every day of your life.

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