●The creation and implementation of humanitarian and sustainable initiatives are both art and science.

● Rooted in humanistic and nonviolent theory and methods, I implemented these initiatives in two different venues.

● First within the context of supporting the survival of species by advocating the need for ecosystem balance and an ecocentric way of life within the APA and various international not for profits.

● Second, with key stakeholders in Hawaii, creating a sustainable community including initiating means for a sustainable lifestyle whereby all of 187 townhome residents participated.

The Nature of the Effort and Methods

● The relationship between humans, animals and the environments that they are cohabiting in any area reflects the fact that all three are inextricably connected. Therefore, the degradation of one inevitably impacts the other.

● To contextualize the process of building sustainable cultures into a meta-view, I offer transformational perspectives that utilize humanistic, esoteric and peace psychology principles which operate both on microcosmic and macrocosmic levels all the time.


● First and foremost are our own narrow perspectives and limitations in current understanding. Understanding and accepting this is necessary before utilizing any principles and paradigms.

● Examples include: lack of respect for nature and natural processes; lack of rational consciousness and the moral deterioration that pervades in all cultures.

● Personal limitations are exacerbated by: overpopulation and chronic devastation; overconsumption and waste; inequities in the distribution of resources and all are compounded by resource depletion, misuse and ecosystemic imbalances.

● These factors result in thousands of species becoming extinct or endangered.

Solutions: Evolve Awareness and Eco-Sys Balance

● Evolving individual consciousness and utilizing a place-based approach, we create greater conservation of resources and ecosystem balance.

● The purpose of these methods is to invite a functional conscience, a moral imperative across humanity within all cultures and religions. This creates an endemic and intrinsic connection to nature and to all sentient beings.

● Ecosystem balance is a series of complex processes inextricably tied into environmental and species welfare which involves bioecological interdependence among all species in a particular geographic region. ● Creating a conservationist attitude and respecting all life forms defines an overarching bioecological culture for all beings in the region that always moves toward balance given any existing constraints.

● The resultant lifestyle from these aforementioned and ongoing efforts is ecocentrism. ECOCENTRISM is a value set and world view which embraces a culture of sustainability. This relates to an humanistic and humanitarian overview of nature and all life forms in any regional web of life.

Integrative Comprehensive Peace Process

● This paradigm or model consists of various points of view and activities which operate in a dynamic way and engage multidimensional and multidisciplinary process components.

● Variables in regard to creating a sustainable approach to life include:building an understanding of the mind-body connection and its implications; focusing on deconstructing stigmas in relation to resource use, consumerism and the conservation of resources; being mindful of our own attitudes and behaviors toward nature and the environment; developing keen awareness of the sociocultural, sociopolitical and bioecological forces at play and their impact on ecosystem balance in any region.

● The ICPP model engages and promotes the use of our inner resources with an expanded consciousness(if engaged) as well as the indigenous resources available in the region to support any sustainable practices utilized.

● These above efforts support an ECOCENTRIC HUMILITY as a way of life that reaches beyond any particular effort or project in any time and place. What occurs with this understanding, is a Voice of Conscience that is activated both within us and within those who align with our efforts.

● It is wise to be mindful of the historic and scientific validity of supporting a sustainable lifestyle and to advocate for this way of life through leadership and educating others.

● The Nature of these efforts are characterized as proactive, inclusive, rational, moral and persistent. Your lifestyle and your way of thinking is a key component underlying any and all successes in these areas and in the utilization of this paradigm ICPP.

Therefore, we can realize that real peace is never just the absence of conflict BUT RATHER connected to the understanding that all beings are part of the web of life and each life is intrinsically connected to a sovereign peace that is interdependent within the space it exists so that there is alignment with always moving toward ecosystem balance and resource conservation.

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