What Goes Around Comes Around

I am sure everyone is familiar with: “what you sow you reap.” A more ancient and esoteric expression is the principle of ‘karma’. Still another way of expressing this, and a more psychologically oriented truth: “all actions have consequences.” These ideas apply to all of us, even to corporations communities and countries. This is reality whether we believe it or not.

However, all that we have to work with is NOW, the present moment! What is past, is just that, past. What is yet to come is beyond the reach with any certainty. But, we can influence what will be, for us, as individuals, based on what we think, feel and do. NOW. Actions have consequences; as do non-actions. Even thoughts and feelings have consequences, not only be cause they influence actions but also because each thought and feeling has an energy. This energy affects your mind/body presence as a whole. Our being-ness is based on that.

What is being-ness? This can be seen as the nature of your presence in each here and now as it impacts you and those around you. So, ask yourself now: who are you? Who and what do you want to be? What is the impact you want to have and ultimately how and what are you doing to achieve what you wish and need? Human relationships are but one arena, albeit very significant, for your personal being-impact. There are many more! Look around you, at the grass, the bushes, the trees, lakes, ocean and creatures of all sizes and shapes and environments. This planet is a living being. It has a life and an entity floating in space around a sun. One of millions of such entities, floating around one of millions of suns/stars.

Make your presence count for something good, and meaningful. Make your presence become a contribution to the Good of this entity called earth and all the creatures and beiongs that live on and in it. Because, “what goes around, wll come around; what you sow, you will reap. In the short and long run it is YOU who determine your own fate by what you do and are.

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