The 7 Components of a More Conscious Life

These 7 efforts will help you become more in touch with yourself and your life. It will help you in relationships, work and more. When you are more in touch with yourself you can be more connected to other people.

These simple daily efforts are meant to be practiced all the time no matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing. It is always relevant and operational.

These 7 things work together to make a more unified being. They are not exclusionary and one thing does not preclude the other. These are elements of a conscious compound that becomes who you are. For example, if you have a complex chemical compound you have many elements or components. Similarly, these components come together to create a synergy or synchrony of consciousness.

  1. Purification. Try to live a clean simple life, physically and emotionally. Avoid toxic substances, live in a natural environment and live more ecologically. Live with people who think and act the same way. It is an ongoing process and it also becomes more fine tuned as life goes on. Purification at 25 is different at 55 or 75.

  2. Concentration. The mind is capable of three qualities of attention. 1) Zero attention where you are not focused at all. 2) Drawn attention where you are drawn to something you are doing or a relationship. 3) Directed attention consciously and willfully putting your attention to something that has meaning to you. Concentration uses directed attention on a single intention and object of focus.

  3. The aforementioned are required for you to do observation. Observation is objective or neutral. Clearing away all the things that are subjective. Your observation begins within. The journey begins within. What does it feel like? Neutrally observe four parts. The physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. That is observation. What does that being feel?

  4. Once you do these three things you are beginning to conserve your life energy. When you conserve energy for a period of time you are transforming it into something better. Become more sensitive and more aware. You become healthier and that is energy transformation.

  5. Discrimination means you begin to see what is real in terms of what is in harmony with universal principles. What is really important? What is truthful, what is reality? What is true, what is not? What is real,what is not? What is real tends to take on a more divine quality. Nature, universal vibrations, mantras, real interaction. You can see who is phony or a liar and who lives a toxic life, who does not have meaningful or purposeful life. Who is aligned with or misaligned with nature. Who is authentic versus manipulative.

  6. Meditation follows and refers to only one thing. The one, ohm, a special vibration. The permanent, the real, the vibration of god. That is it. Quietude.

  7. The culmination of all of these 6 steps is renunciation or non-attachment. You renounce internally. You are not attached to anything that does not lead you to the one.

The Bhavaghad Gita helps to consolidate these truths.

Life is a gift.

Cherish it, know it, live it.

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