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The International Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare wants to spread the message of hope across the world. We are providing education and promoting awareness to instill faith in humankind and make a difference in the world. Our mission is simple, to provide information, knowledge and support to any individual, group or community seeking greater self awareness and understanding as to how to improve their quality of life.


We are a private, 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization since 1997 dedicated to educating and bringing together like minded individuals aiming to support and promote the greatest good for the greatest number.

What We Do
Student Library

Educating through books and blogs

With our mission always in mind, we provide individuals the opportunity to learn diverse topics for expanded practice or greater self awareness. 

A business meeting

Holistic Health Consultations

With a combined over seventy-five years experience, we provide professionals and their client's holistic health insight for aiding any and all health concerns. Professionals in the health field may contact us for information, recommendations, and products.


International Peace Work Counseling

At IAAHW, we are dedicated to supporting professionals through our various initiatives. We offer interfaith counseling with Dr. Steven Handwerker, Doctor of Divinity, mediator and Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Handwerker assists professionals in interfaith negotiations.

Women's gatherings

Women's circles allow for the promotion of self empowerment, inner peace and greater community consciousness thus enhancing well being on intra-personal and interpersonal levels. Representing a dedication to greater awareness of the innate potential power within all women. Learn more or get involved today! 

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